"Making health accessible and rewarding for everyone:
employees, employers, payors and brands"


Need results in real-time?

What is trUStr®? trUStr is the first SMS-based chatbot that improves health, reduces costs, and creates brand impressions by rewarding behavioral change smartly. 

How? Do healthy things, text trUStr, be rewarded!

trUStr makes the differences by using scientifically proven methods and highly efficient technologies such as AI, chatbots, IoT, SMS, leading to higher ROI & VOI.

Why should I use trUStr?  trUStr shares major benefits among its entire eco-system:

-Better health & wellness condition (HSE) 

-Less health-related expenditures for payors 

-Greater brand connection with the right customer at the right time

For whom? Employers, self-insured companies, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare payors and brands

Keep It Simple

Easy: From flip phones to wearables (no need for a smartphone, internet connection, downloads or special device)

Accessible: Everywhere, by everyone 

Rapid: After a 30-second set-up, trUStr® will record, learn, coach and reward healthy behavior smartly.

Economical: Up to 50% more economical than actual wellness plans

Automatic: no need for a full staff tuning the program and collecting the data.

Rapid Rewards

trUStr® rewards its users, keeping them motivated with both monetary and non-monetary prizes.

Thanks to our partnerships with high pedigree institutions like yours, trUStr® offers gift cards, coupons, discounts and vouchers for the most appealing brands.

Unlock your ROI & VOI rates

Instantly: trUStr® will save you up to 50% of your wellness plan budget right after signature!

Efficient: Current wellness plan cannot reach the highest level of efficiency without trUStr®

Rank your team as healthier. Many companies got rejected for stop loss insurance application or got higher premiums costs due to their weak healthy image.

Pay as you save: Not convinced? Try trUStr for one year and pay a fraction of what you saved!

Enhance your work environment

trUStr® makes health your next center of profits: 

-Experience working with an energetic and accountable team

-Reduce health-related accidents

-Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism

"The number one problem with large industrial organizations is human factor vulnerabilities within the health safety environment, and trUStr® is the premier product to handle this issue."

Phil Susmann

MBA, President of NUARI


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