Be part of the action! Capture your share of over $126 Billion in estimated savings by helping employees motivate themselves towards healthy change.

Trustr vs. competitors


-Accessible to everyone
-Accessible everywhere
-Higher engagement & adherence rate
-All inclusive: You don't pay for the rewards
-Real results through proven motivation strategies
-Individual interactions and prizes
-Coherent activities and prizes depending on who YOU are
-Simple remote monitoring
-Customizable to specific needs (beyond the pill programs, MS, treatments & therapies etc..)
-Machine Learning: the Chatbot learns, tracks and keep you motivated with your specific motivation drivers.
-Works with everything: basic mobile phones, flip phones, smartphones, wearables, IoT etc...
-No downloads, internet access, or engineer's degree required
-Automatic! You don't need a full-time staff to tune and collect information for your wellness program
-Safe: We do not share individual health data

Ancient programs

-Only smartphone & wearables -You miss 1/3 of the population
-You miss the 20% spending 80% of your health budget
-Only accessible through Wi-fi and internet access
-No personalized interaction
-Lack of proven motivation strategies
-No personalized prizes
-You still pay for the addition to the program
-Lower results
-Not flexible to your organization, team and customers' needs
-Wi-fi, downloads, internet access required
-You still need a full-time staff to collect information and tune the program

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