The Trustr System


Apps are so 2012!

We all know that positive reinforcement can lead to amazing value on investment. trUStr® is an SMS-based chatbot who interacts with your employees as a friend.  Everyone makes improvements and when healthy milestones occur, trUStr issues a real prize for free. That’s it.

Rewarding healthier choices.


-Accessible to everyone
-Accessible everywhere
-Higher engagement & adherence rate
-All inclusive: You don't pay for the rewards
-Real results through proven motivation strategies
-Individual interactions and prizes
-Coherent activities and prizes depending on who YOU are
-Simple remote monitoring
-Customizable to specific needs (beyond the pill programs, MS, treatments & therapies etc..)
-Machine Learning: the Chatbot learns, tracks and keep you motivated with your specific motivation drivers.
-Works with everything: basic mobile phones, flip phones, smartphones, wearables, IoT etc...
-No downloads, internet access, or engineer's degree required
-Automatic! You don't need a full-time staff to tune and collect information for your wellness program
-Safe: We do not share individual health data

Ancient programs

-Only smartphone & wearables
-You miss 1/3 of the population
-You miss the 20% spending 80% of your health budget
-Only accessible through Wi-fi and internet access
-No personalized interaction
-Lack of proven motivation strategies
-No personalized prizes
-You still pay for the addition to the program
-Lower results
-Not flexible to your organization, team and customers' needs
-Wi-fi, downloads, internet access required
-You still need a full-time staff to collect information and tune the program


trUStr runs on every device that is able to exchange text messages. trUStr learns continuously. In doing so, trUStr is able to offer prizes that are immediately relevant to employees that are tired of the usual apps and wellness plans, while effectively motivating in multiple languages and dialects.

Track activity

Users set their own goals: they can walk, run, lose weight or sleep better--every healthy activity that is tracked can be rewarded. The types of activities and rewards can be decided using central controls. You decide what activities and rewards will best fit your organization.

Innovative reward system

trUStr has deep knowledge of rewards and incentives. trUStr pushes award notifications based on the milestones that trUStr feels are relevant, and these unexpected rewards have far more punch to them than their goal-directed counterpart.

Save money

The entire trUStr system is provided in one subscription. No strings, no gimmicks. Zero. Employers will save money on their health insurance premiums or we won’t charge a penny. Employees win free prizes and save money at tons of retailers.

How much can we save you?

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